Kereakos Zuras

Business Turnaround Expert, and Former Advisor to President George W. Bush!

Kereakos appears regularly on Fox News Channel, Fox And Friends, Fox News Live , Fox News HQ and CBN News where he provides unique insight and analysis on business, political and government-related topics.

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I am Kereakos Zuras, Business Turnaround Expert, and Former Advisor to President George W. Bush

Let me be clear about who I am and what I do. I am not a consultant and I am not a coach...

I am not someone who took a class on becoming a business consultant or a business coach. The majority of self proclaimed business experts never made the money, dont have money in the bank and are not qualified to teach you anything. You have no business learning or taking instruction from anyone who has never operated a business of their own and has not generated a substantial income in their own business as a direct result of applying what they are teaching or selling as a solution...

I am someone who started out just like you. I worked a regular job for years working hard to take care of my family, and like you I had a dream of going into business for myself, to live a better life where I had wealth and freedom, to provide an above average living for my family. So like you I mortgaged the house and borrowed money to start my own business. I worked long hours, sometimes day and night. For years I was working 75-80 hours per week, no days off and no vacations. I could never be with my family on holidays and I missed important moments in my childs life, something I will always regret. I had become disconnected from my family and it was a constant struggle to make the loan payment and mortgage payment and pay all the bills wondering what I was doing wrong and why I was not making money. I felt like a failure, I had let my family down.

In my efforts to make my business work I spent a lot of money on consultants and failed solutions. I made all the mistakes trying different things to make my business successful, and after many years of trial and effort and almost losing everything including my family I discovered the factors that create business success and how to maintain that success regardless of what business you are in or the economy.

They say I am an expert... All I know is that people are making a lot of money using the principles I teach.

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About Me - Kereakos Zuras

Business Turn Around Expert And Former Advisor To George W. Bush

"At a time when the medical economy is at its worst Kereakos changed everything. As a direct result of applying the principles Kereakos teaches my practice is more efficient and more profitable than ever before. I urge my fellow physicians to reach out to Kereakos and get the help they need."

- Dr. Marcelino Albuerne

25 years of acquisition,operation,customer service,sales and marketing experience owning and successfully operating my own businesses at a level that generated enough income enabling me to retire at age 46 while working with and producing massive income for some of the nation's leading fortune 500 companies like Mobil Oil Corp, ExxonMobil,Chevron and ConocoPhillips to name a few.

Expertise includes strategic planning,growing market share, profit building, new business acquisition, recruitment, training, staff development, field oversight and community relations.

Kereakos earned the reputation as "Expert" in the petroleum industry for developing,implementing and managing the most effective pricing strategy on a zone by zone basis resulting in maximizing business unit fuel margins,increasing business unit profitability,growing market share,executing extreme corner by corner marketing and delivering unparalleled customer service.

Kereakos has a record of success growing a business unit into a highly profitable dominant market leader within a short period of time,in all economic conditions while exceeding expectations.

  • Kereakos has served as:
  • Advisor To George W.Bush
  • Strategy Team Project Leader Mobil Oil Corp, ExxonMobil, Chevron and Conocophillips
  • Mystery Shopper Development Project Coordinator Mobil Oil Corp and ExxonMobil
  • Marketing Strategist Mobil Oil Corp, ExxonMobil, Chevron and Conocophillips
  • Mobil Car Care Developement

There must be a reason...

Experts seek advice from Kereakos. Kereakos has mentored some of the nations leading business and financial experts and world leaders like George W. Bush, Jordan Belfort "The Wolf of Wall Street,Harry S Dent,World Renowned Economist and Martin Howey,CEO Top line Business Solutions and thousands of business owners and professionals.

Retired at age 46 Kereakos is now: "Helping business owners and professionals change the quality of their lives, while generating wealth and freedom to protect and secure the futures of those they love..."

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I am a Fox News Contributor and can be seen regularly on:

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